Dr Marine Fuhrmann

Research Associate



2010: 2-year special Undergraduate studies program preparing top 20% of Baccalaureate graduates for entrance examinations to French National “Grandes Ecoles”, France

2013: Engineering degree (Agriculture, Agronomy, Environment), France

2016: PhD (Marine Biology), Ifremer/University of Brest, France

Career History

2013-2017: French Marine Institute for the Exploitation of Sea (Ifremer), France

2018- Current: University of Sydney, Australia

Marine holds a PhD in marine biology from the University of Brest in France where she worked at the French Marine Institute for the Exploitation of Sea (Ifremer). During her PhD she visited the Aquatic Animal Health Group in the Faculty of Veterinary Science for two months and she is now back in Australia to work in our team as a Research Associate. Marine’s research focuses on the effect of environment on mollusc health and disease expression.  The work she is doing at the University is in continuity with her previous research that dealt with the effect of environment on the interaction between the Pacific oyster and Ostreid Herpesvirus 1. She remains interested in the physiological and metabolic responses of oysters and disease expression.