The sudden appearance of POMS in the Hawkesbury River

POMS appeared suddenly in the Hawkesbury River. On the morning of January 21. There were only a few dead oysters in one lease in Mullet Creek. But within 2 days all leases in this large bay were affected and millions of oysters had been killed.  Similarly at Mooney Mooney – the first signs were seen on January 24, but by January 29 the whole of Mooney Mooney Ck was affected. A map showing the location of the first reported cases at Mullet Creek and Mooney Mooney is provided below. Observed mortalities 7-2-13


Dead and living oysters from a 3 mm basket on a lease on Mullet Creek, January 21. These oysters were selected for submission to the laboratory. (Richard Whittington)

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