The spread of POMS with movements of oysters

Oyster movements

BBOA members move oyster trays and baskets around the river to obtain the best growth. Usually they take oysters to their shed at Mooney Mooney for cleaning of shell and grading on size while en route to a new location. They keep records of these movements which are shown on the map. During a survey of all leases on January 29 it was possible to locate the trays and baskets that had recently been moved from Mullet Creek in a “trace forward investigation”. Spread of the disease to Coba Bay was confirmed as a result of a movement of trays from Mullet Creek on 19th January; dead oysters were observed in these trays at Coba Bay on January 29 and infection was confirmed. At the time of writing (6th February) none of the other oyster movements, except those to Mooney Mooney on January 21, appear to have resulted in the death of oysters from POMS. For this reason it is assumed that the virus arrived at Mullet Creek just before January 19.

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